Introduction to Cordoba, Argentina

Argentina's second largest city, Córdoba, is located in the heart of the country, nestled among the central Argentine Andes. The geographical location and upbeat tempo of the city set the pulse for the rest of the country to operate around. Although less frequented by tourists, Córdoba rivals Buenos Aires as a lively and thriving urban centre. However, visitors can also take advantage of the beautiful surrounding areas which are peppered with lush valleys and meandering rivers.

The city itself has a population of almost 1.5 million people, many of whom come to study and partake in Cordoba's incomparable student scene. The city is home to seven universities and therefore is absolutely packed with things to do, excursions, restaurants and incredible nightclubs which pump out tunes until 11am.

By day there is plenty to see in the city, in particular a whole host of beautiful colonial architecture which give Córdoba its distinctive character. Many of these buildings can be admired by taking a stroll in and around the Plaza San Martín. In the square you can also visit the Iglesia Catedral, Córdoba's beautiful cathedral which took over two centuries to construct. It is unique in that it was designed by various different architects over this period and therefore is combined of a mish mash of architectural styles which work together harmoniously. The eighteenth century Jesuit Crypt also deserves a visit, since it was forgotten and buried for 150 years after the jesuit expulsion, until Telecom stumbled across it whilst installing telephone lines.

Córdoba is also the perfect starting point for getting to Argentina's beautiful central valley, much of which can be visited on day trips. Nearby there are two UNESCO world heritage sites, Sierra de las Quijadas National Park and Quebrada de Condonto National Park, home to the Argentine Condor.

This is just an introduction to our Córdoba city guide, so keep reading to get a better idea of what one of Argentina's most beautiful cities has to offer...

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